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The Branon Family - Generations of Tradition

Gene Branon – Director of Woodlands and Sugaring Operations, crew leader, and visionary for our ever growing family business. Desiree Branon – Office Manager, Sales, shipping and fulfillment. If you need something special or have a question about your order, ask Desiree!
Adam Branon, Matt and Reed Branon - Our production team in the Sugarhouse with our newest addition! Boiling and bottling our syrup, they have the expertise and skills needed to operate the Master evaporator and our new R7 Steam evaporator, turning out the best quality Maple Syrup from our sap.


Dan Branon, Sr. and grandsons Riley, Connor, Kaleb and Isaac – Dan is our Patriarch and team leader emeritus, sap hauler and general problem solver. He can often be found in the woods teaching his grandsons about the trees and getting them excited about the future of the family business!

Helen Branon and granddaughter Kayleigh - our official taste testers!

Team members Dylan White and Chunk Boylan

Gene with sons Kaleb and Isaac

Gene with son Riley and nephew Connor

 Gene and the boys!


The Branon Family has been sugaring in Fairfield, Vermont for more than a century. Our methods have evolved from buckets and horse-drawn sleds to vacuum pipelines from sugarbush to sugarhouse. No matter the method, our commitment to pure maple products holds true. Sugaring brings our family together to honor a treasured heritage of pure Vermont Organic Maple Syrup!


"The Branon Family - Seven Generations of Tradition"

All of our maple sap is gathered from Vermont maple trees on land we own or lease when the weather conditions are perfect in the early springtime - generally around February-April.  Water in the sap is then removed through a reverse osmosis process to concentrate the sugar and increase the efficiency of our boiling - it takes around 43 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup!

The University of Vermont has an informative website with detailed information on the history and production techniques maple syrup.

All of our products are available for curbside pickup at the sugarhouse, so you can avoid shipping costs by selecting this option when checking out. Of course we are also thrilled to ship our syrup out via UPS wherever you are!

Celebrating 25 Years with our Photographer

Natalie Stultz has documented the Branon Family West View Maples tradition since 1996. She has witnessed the transition from collecting sap with buckets and horses to our modern, more efficient sugar making techniques of tubing lines that carry the sap to collection points, using reverse osmosis to extract the water from the sap, and hi-tech evaporators using steam. 

 Photos above from 1996 and 1999

Natalie photographed a 2003 Vermont Life Magazine feature on our operations and since then she has provided most of the pictures you see on our website.  In 2015, she created a short documentary film about how we make our organic maple syrup for sugarhouse visitors and for our website. It’s a great watch if you want to follow all the steps we go through from preparing the trees to the finished syrup.  She continues to create photos and videos for our website and social media.

You may have seen Natalie’s work in other outlets as she is widely published and specializes in telling stories about Vermont farmers and artisans.


Since meeting the Branon family in 1996, Natalie’s respect for the persistent effort and dedication that characterize the business has grown with each year. She considers Branon Family West View Maples representative of the best values of a Vermont family business, born of a deep connection to beautiful land and longtime traditions. She looks forward to her trips to our Fairfield sugarbush every spring, a time to renew relationships with our family, our work, and our land.

 Photos above from 2001, 2002 and 2021


Directions to the Sugarhouse

From I-89 Exit 19 (St Albans):
Take right at light onto Route 104, at next light take right onto Route 36, continue on Route 36 just over 4 miles, take right onto Bradley Road, take first right onto West Street, the sugarhouse is the second place on the left - you can't miss us!

709 West Street
Fairfield, VT 05455
Phone: (802) 782-0473

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